How does tobacco use negatively affect my smile?

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How Does Tobacco Use Negatively Affect My Smile

Tobacco, including chewing and smoking tobacco, are known to be a severe problem for the smile. In addition to causing severe health issues such as problems with the lungs, it can also be a risk for the teeth and gums. Patients who are using tobacco will want to work with their dentist in Mira Mesa to not only quit tobacco use but learn about how it is impacting their oral health and wellness. Drs. James Tasto, Debbie Kim, Gary M. Sigafoos, Bita Farhoumand, and Marisa Zarchy of Scripps West Dental in San Diego, CA are here to assist individuals in quitting their tobacco habit and improving the health of their smiles.

How can smoking affect my oral health?

Smoking affects oral health in various ways. It can contribute to the development of bacteria in the smile, increase one’s risk of developing cavities and periodontal disease, and significantly increase the chance of developing cancer of the mouth, specifically the cheek and gums.

How will smoking affect my gums and teeth?

Smoking can cause yellowing and discoloration of the teeth, along with gum recession. This also increases the sensitivity of the teeth and can contribute to problems like disease and decay. In addition to affecting one’s oral health, the use of tobacco can also impact other parts of the body. This includes the lungs, increasing lung cancer risks. Our team at Scripps West Dental will always encourage smokers and tobacco chewers to stop this habit to keep their smile healthy and avoid permanent damage to their gums, teeth, and lungs.

How is smoking and chewing tobacco linked with cancer risks?

The use of tobacco, especially those with chewing tobacco habits, can significantly increase one’s risk of developing cancer of the gums and teeth. The Academy of General Dentistry suggests that research shows an increased risk of cancer by 50 times in those who chew tobacco versus those who do not. Tobacco can cause sensitivity in the gums and expose the roots of the teeth, which is an excellent place for bacteria to thrive and grow. Decay, periodontal disease, and cancer are serious and typical risks of tobacco use.

What can my dentist do for me?

The team at Scripps West Dental wants to help San Diego, CA area patients with their oral healthcare needs, as well as their goals to stop smoking and chewing tobacco. We can make recommendations for ways to stop smoking and chewing tobacco, including using nicotine gum or patches to slowly ween the body off of its dependence on tobacco. With time, the smile can become healthier once tobacco use has been stopped.

How often should I visit my dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends that everyone visit their dentist at least every six months for a cleaning and evaluation. Patients with certain dental conditions may be told to visit the dentist more often to address problems such as periodontal disease or cavity development.

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Your smile needs to be cared for properly to ensure it is healthy and free from problems such as infection and disease. If you are a smoker and want to educate yourself further on the issues caused by tobacco use, or even want recommendations on how to quite chewing or smoking tobacco, Drs. James Tasto, Debbie Kim, Gary M. Sigafoos, Bita Farhoumand, and Marisa Zarchy of Scripps West Dental can help! Call the office at (858) 695-1776 and visit the office at 9420 Mira Mesa Boulevard, Suite D. We are open to new and returning patients.

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